We help athletes reach their TOP potential.

We are a young progressive company that is becoming one of the leading European players in the sports equipment e-commerce field. In selected sports, we are building a portfolio of specialized stores that help innovate the world of sports retail.

years on market

We like to present sporting challenges to people. Inspire them to leave their comfort zone both in sport and life. We thrive to be the role-models. And we always spice it up with a bit of fun.

Top 4 values

What we believe in. What are the rules of the game.

Be positive

Make it simple

Take care
of each other


Members of our team

Václav Vácha

Sales Lead

Top4Sport is one of those companies where you never really get bored or stop learning. Everyone in the team has the power to change things. And what is most important to me is the team spirit, open and friendly attitude.

Rebeca Elias

Country Manager Romania

Want to know the secret about Top4Sport? I will tell you one thing - we never stop. We never stop setting the highest goals, never stop thinking about our customers, never stop growing. As if we were on a spaceship with you. Ready? GO!

Jakub Charvát

Team Sales Lead

I had the opportunity to follow the growth of Top4sport almost from the beginning, so when the opportunity came to become part of the T4S team, I did not hesitate. I fulfilled my idea of ​​a job that combines a sports environment with the opportunity to learn and grow alongside great colleagues. Thanks to a great team, we are able to overcome the obstacles that are on the way to being number 1 in the market of sports specialists.

Lenka Vránková

Country Lead

I'm Czech for a long time living in Spain, I've always felt a bit "international". My work is very diverse, connecting numbers and people. I take care of Country Managers, who are a key factor in the company's success in the country. I try to be their connection with other departments of the company and especially their friend.

Andrej Šulaj

Country Manager Slovakia

I've been connected to Top4sport almost since its inception and it's a place where you won't be bored. There is a hill of positive people who love sports and especially their work. I personally am a huge football fan. Although I no longer actively play it, thanks to Top4Sport I continue to move in the football environment, fulfill my children's football dreams and meet people who create modern football.

Eva Došková

Head of Customer Care

From the first moment, Top4sport fascinated me with its friendly atmosphere and relaxed corporate culture. It pulled me in with its energy and people's interest in its development. It even brought me to running. :) And it gave me the opportunity to be a support of the customer service team and participate in improving of the care of our customers.

Iryna Kononenko

HR Specialist

From the first day in Top4Sport, I fell in love with corporate culture. We are one big team and I appreciate that the most. A positive and proactive approach to work helps us a lot. Every day we learn new things here and move forward together!

Filip Druska

Marketing Lead

If sports and marketing are your passions, Top4sport is the right place to improve it every day. We are here to help athletes reach their TOP potential, but this also applies to every member of our team. What I appreciate the most is the daily effort to do my job better and the team's mindset, which goes throughout the company.

Eva Janoušková

Accounting Manager

At Topforsport, I appreciate a friendly, informal, and inspiring environment, when I feel like nothing can surprise me, somebody does it anyway. I got a chance to work with a lot of positive colleagues, you just have to go for the opportunity. And that accounting is not boring? This is confirmed every day at Topforsport.

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